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Standard Maintenance

Standard Maintenance


Standard Maintenance


  • Boosts & Enhances Existing Wax/Sealant.
  • Keeps Your Vehicle Looking Freshly Detailed.
  • Interior Spruce Up.


  • Compact Cars.........$65
  • Sedans....................$75
  • Trucks/SUVs...........$100
  • Extended/Lifted.....$125

Time Invested: 2-4 hours.

Recommended For:

Maintenance detailing is great for keeping your recently detailed vehicle fresh and clean between other detailing packages. Depending on vehicle use, it is recommended once a week, every other week or monthly. Maintenance service is currently only available to clients who have their cars/trucks routinely maintained by myself or are Opti-Coat Pro or Pro Plus installs. Cars/Trucks that are neglected or have never been waxed or coated will require other service before they are maintenance vehicles for me. This will ensure that the client and myself are happy with the results. All pricing subject to change at any time.


  • -Thorough 2 Bucket Hand Wash.
  • -Dried with plush Microfiber and compressed air.
  • -Wheel Wells, Wheels and Tires Cleaned/Dressed.
  • -Wipe Down Interior Hard Surfaces.
  • -Clean Glass.
  • -Interior Vacuum.
*Important Note: All prices are base estimates.
Additional charges will be quoted before service for neglected and excessively dirty vehicles.
*All services by appointments only.