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Detailing Add-Ons

Additional Detail Services


Headlight Restoration

Price: $80.00

Yellow, faded or cloudy headlights are a safety hazard and the diminishes the overall appearance of your vehicle. We use a Multi Step wet and sanding process, machine polishing and Opti-Lens Coating to protect from chemical and harsh UV damaging light.

Opti-Lens Coating

Price: $40.00

Recommended for preventive maintenance.


Glass Polishing & Coating

Price: $75.00

Restores clarity to your windshield and Glass. Removes Water spots, cloudiness and bonded contamination. Long lasting hydrophobic sealant repeals water for up to 1 year.


Wheel Polishing

Price: $20-$100 per wheel.

Removes minor to moderate defects, such as marring, oxidation, water spots, etching and scratches. Includes wheel sealant.

Ask about Ceramic Coatings for your wheels!


Premium Leather Rejuvenation Overnight Treatment

Price: $75/Front Seats. $150/All.

New Car preservation $55

Thorough leather cleaning, condition, and protection. Restores neglected leather to its former beauty and preserved new leather for a long healthy life, Using leatherque Prestine Clean and Rejuvenator oils. Seats are saturated for at least 12 hours next Pristine Clean is used to remove oils. Repeated if necessary until thoroughly hydrated.


Convertible Top Rejuvenation and Protection.

Price: $75

Thorough top cleaning and protection. Hydrophobic invisible shield to keep your top protected from water, dirt, grease, and UV sun damage (causing fading) for up to 2 years.


Clay Bar & Paint Decontamination

Price: $50

Removal of bonded paint contamination using manual and chemical methods leaving the surface smooth as glass restoring gloss. Includes any airborne chemical compounds, ferrous (iron containing) particles, adhesives, industrial fallout, rail dust, acid rain, bird droppings, road tar, grime, tree sap, bugs, water spots, brake dust, road salt, oil, paint overspray, etc. either on or embedded in the paint surface.


Odor Removal using Ozone Machines

Price: $65

Ozone odor treatment-by destroying the molecules, bacteria, and spores that cause unpleasant smells. Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive molecule and is very quick to chemically react with particles that it comes into contact with in the air and on surfaces. The extra oxygen atom in the ozone attaches itself to other molecules, chemically changing their structure to create non-offensive molecules – eliminating the smell. We recommend this services only after the odor causing issue is removed or thoroughly cleaned.


Engine Detail & Dress

Price: $55

Degrease, clean and detail every nook and cranny. Next all rubber and plastics are conditioned for a healthy engine compartment. Includes light metal polishing.


High Quality Photography Of Your Vehicle

Price: $45 with any service

We created this service for the client that is selling his or her ride. Let us capture the perfect pictures of your car right after we get finished restoring the Interior and Exterior. We will provide you with 20 or more high quality images that are guaranteed to help show the true condition of any vehicle.


Rock Chip Repair and Touch Up Paint Service

Price: $35

Using factory matched paint we will fill rock chips, deep Scratches, road rash and door dings. Protects exposed metal panels from rust and further chipping


Plastic Trim Restoration

Price by estimate only.

Designed to restore faded, discolored, chalky and sun damaged trim back to a like-new factory finish. Trim will remain looking fresh and new for up to two years.


Fabric Guard Treatment

Price: $75

A fabric coating that acts as an invisible shield to protect your carpets & upholstery for up to 12 months. Repels dirt, liquids and stains to keep your interior safe.

If there is a particular service or a package that does not match your particular needs that you are looking for that you do not see included on our website, please contact us for more information on additional services we offer.

*Important Note: All prices are base estimates. Additional charges will be quoted before service for neglected and excessively dirty vehicles.

**Personal Items: Please remove all personal items prior to your appointment. Although I will take the utmost care with anything left inside your vehicle, I cannot be held responsible for any personal items left behind.

*All services by appointments only.